Big Rig Drops “Rollercoaster”

Roller Coaster, Courtesy of County Line Records

Recently, musical artist Big Rig was kind enough to offer insight into how collaboration works at The Vault podcast in “Vibe Check: The Art of Collaboration & Creativity.” Since then, Big Rig has released a new single, “Rollercoaster”. You can listen to this track on Spotify or Amazon Music.

“Rollercoaster” Reel courtesy of Big Rig

Big Rig released an awesome Reel for the song on December 24, 2022. Big Rig has confirmed that this footage was shot in local Pittsburgh theme park, Kennywood. Rig has also hinted on Instagram that he may shoot a full video for this song in the future. I hope that a video is produced because it’s an excellent jam.

As explained in the lyrics “we go up and down, like a rollercoaster, one day you love me, next day it’s over”, “Rollercoaster” is about a rollercoaster of a relationship. The vibe of this song would make it excellent to listen to while relaxing at home or dancing to it at a club.

The Phantom’s Revenge in Kennywood by Jeremy Thompson

In addition to making music, Big Rig is also the co-host of the podcast The Vault. Big Rig describes working on The Vault, “It’s really amazing to meet artists from all over especially from Pittsburgh. We have been blessed to have the guests that we have had and it gets better with each episode. As an artist it’s awesome to connect with other artists that I have been a fan of for years. It’s a really great networking opportunity for everyone involved.”

To keep up with new tracks from Big Rig and upcoming shows, follow him on Instagram. Hopefully in the future, Pitt Music Live can see Big Rig perform live. Rig told Pitt Music Live that “a Big Rig show is all about having fun and letting loose and escaping from reality for a bit.”

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