The mission of PittMusicLive.com is to inform locals to Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding areas of the events and goings-on of the live music scene. Many of us revel in the live music experience. This site and our social media presence tap into and celebrate this sense of passion and community. We are also strong proponents of local music of various genres. I urge you to share amazing local bands with me via comments on this blog or through social media.


  • Though music is a very personal and subjective art form, I will try my best to avoid bias. If I have bias, it will be mentioned.
  • I will be operating independently of influence. If this is ever not the case, then the below disclosure information will apply.
  • I strive to be factual and accountable. If I’m incorrect on a show date, album release date, or other detail, please contact me and I will update the post with the correct information. If this is a more in-depth story, I will apologize and write a retraction.
  • If I am posting from an anonymous source, I will honor their wishes to stay anonymous as long as I know the person’s true identity and their motives for why they want to be anonymous.
  • Sources/References: I do not plagiarize. If I include information from another person or website it will be properly mentioned and linked (if appropriate).
  • I aim to connect with readers and musicians empathetically and respectfully.


I enjoy reviewing albums, concerts, merchandise, etc. If I have received an item for free or been paid to review an item I will list this in the review. I provide my honest opinion regardless of this. If you would like to contact me about me taking a look at your album, show, or merch, please use the contact form located here.

If I do any endorsements or advertisements in the future, these posts will be clearly stated as such as per the FTC’s guidelines.

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