7 New Albums for Your Earholes

Limousine Beach LP

This month there are some promising new releases from Pittsburgh bands. So many genres are represented from various styles of rock and punk music to instrumental doom music. Check out these new albums below!

Threshold Wanderer by The Long Hunt
Threshold Wanderer by The Long Hunt

music video by guitarist Trevor Richards

The Long Hunt’s new album Threshold Wanderer drops on April 1st. The Long Hunt plays instrumental heavy psych/drone/doom music. You can purchase Threshold Wanderer here on Bandcamp. The band has already released the very creative video for the single “The Golden Bough” above. You can check out their YouTube channel here. They have many more videos from the album premiering on April 1st. Band members include guitarist Trevor Richards, bassist Allison Kacmar Richards and drummer Mark Lyons. The album was mastered by Matt Very. Keep up with The Long Hunt on their official website.

It Got Colder album art by John Rogers (Ghoulorama)
It Got Colder album art by John Rogers (Ghoulorama)

Tough Cuffs‘ sophomore album It Got Colder drops on April 15th. Tough Cuffs plays noise rock. The album is being released by Steel City Death Club. You can listen to Tough Cuffs on Bandcamp. Tough Cuffs is fronted by vocalist/guitarist Max Kraning. You can follow Tough Cuffs on Instagram.

Limousine Beach debut album
Limousine Beach debut album
animated by Daniel Bhutta

Limousine Beach’s self-titled debut album drops on April 15th. Limousine Beach plays sizzle rock. The album is being released by Teepee Records. Upon release, you can listen to it through variety of streaming services here or you can purchase the blue lp here. Band members include frontman Dave Wheeler, guitarist Evan Mitchell, bassist Dan Hernandez, drummer Dan Bhutta and guitarist Jason Sichi. You can follow Limousine Beach on Instagram.

Alt Weakly by Sommelier
Alt Weakly by Sommelier

Sommelier’s new album Alt Weakly drops on April 15th. Sommelier hits me as alt rock, which I’m very much into. You can buy Alt Weakly on Bandcamp. Band members include guitarist Brian Ferrell, bassist/vocalist J. Trafford, guitarist Zach Cross and drummer Chris Isaacs. Songs on Alt Weakly were written by Brian Ferrell and J. Trafford. The album was engineered by Sommelier and produced by Brian Ferrell. Keep up with Sommelier on their official website.

Get Away with Murder by Understatement
Get Away with Murder by Understatement
music video filmed by Wade Wiseman, Bala Rice and Tony Calabrese, edited by Bala Rice

Understatement’s new album Get Away with Murder drops on April 15th. Understatement plays Pittsburgh party punk. You can buy Get Away with Murder on Bandcamp. Band members include songwriter/guitarist/lead vocalist Sully Dunn, bassist/vocalist Bala Rice and drummer Brett Mullen. Get Away with Murder was recorded, mixed and mastered by John Stoecker. You can follow Understatement on Instagram.

Will Honey by Pachyderm, cover art by Peter Zurawsky
Wild Honey by Pachyderm, cover art by Peter Zurawsky

Pachyderm’s new album Wild Honey drops on April 19th. Pachyderm plays rock music. You can listen to Pachyderm on Bandcamp. Band members include drummer Remy Erkel, bassist/vocalist Max Klemmer, guitarist/vocalist Ethan Mackowick and pianist/vocalist Nico Sleator. You can follow Pachyderm on Instagram.

State of Mind by Fubar, cover art by Nahuel Amaya
State of Mind by Fubar, cover art by Nahuel Amaya
music video by Gonzo Hattori

Fubar’s new album State of Mind drops on April 29th. Fubar plays reggae rock/ska punk. You can save State of Mind on Spotify. Band members include lead guitarist/vocalist Dave Cochran, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Jake Hursh, drummer Jordan Brown, tenor saxophonist Anthony Sarnelli, alto saxophonist Sam Wtorkowski and bassist Stephen Shriane. Tracks were produced and engineered by Sam Wtorkowski and mastered by Nada Recording. Keep up with Fubar on their official website.

Which album are you looking forward to? Which albums would you like me to review?

Do you want to see these bands live?


Note: Shows are always subject to change or be canceled. I recommend buying your ticket in advance &/or checking before leaving for the show.

The Long Hunt

May 12th 7:30PM Government Center in Pittsburgh tickets here

June 3rd & 4th Cattivo in Pittsburgh tickets here

Tough Cuffs

April 22nd 7PM It Got Colder Album Release Party at Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall in Pittsburgh tickets here

Limousine Beach

April 15th 9PM Limousine Beach Record Release Party at brillobox in Pittsburgh more info here

May 28th at 6PM at Stage AE in Pittsburgh tickets here


April 15th at the Forge Urban Wine Bar in Homestead tickets here

April 28th 6:30PM at Club Cafe tickets here

May 7th at 6:30PM at Halftime Lounge in Pittsburgh more info here

May 20th at Millvale Music Festival in Millvale more info here


April 15th 7:30PM Get Away with Murder Album Release Party at Eden in Oakland more info here


April 22nd 8:30PMWild Honey Album Release Party at Khyber Pass Pub in Philadelphia more info here


April 15th at Celebrations Bar, Banquet, and Grill in Imperial info here

May 5th 6PM at Crafthouse Stage & Grill in Pittsburgh tickets here

May 7th at 7:30P at Beachland Ballroom & Tavern in Cleveland, OH tickets here

June 23rd at Fort Royale Farm in Bedford tickets here

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